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Sanitary Pum​p Clamp End

Material: SS304 or SS316L
Power: 380~415V/3/50~ 60Hz
Pump connection: Clamp, Welded, Union
Pump impeller: Close type, open type.

Product Description

Centrigugal Pump(food grade)

Constantly applies modern new technology and new concept to improve production technology of centrifugal pump.

GMP standard and traditional quality standard, besides, it has more superior performance, higher efficiency and longer service life, users can get more benefits from it.


Medicines: Transfusion, distilled water, high pure water, extract of traditional Chinese medicine liquid containing particles (3~6mm)

Cosmetics: Dyes, alcohol, essential oil.

Dairy: Whey, cream, milk, sugar liquid.

Beverages: Alcohol, spirit, beer, wort, ferment powder, fruit juice, beverages with particles.

Other: Sweet industry, baking industry and chemical industry etc.

Description of selection

Flow: Itis appropriate to select the middle section of the performance curve chart.

Working temperature: -20-100º C

Working environment and medium: Confirm whether explosion protection is the must.

Working conditions: Hygienic centrifugal pump belongs to high and low liquid level and horizontal delivery, non self-priming pump type (for self-drawing, select self-priming pump).

Pump body material: Selection between 316L and 304 according to medium.

Sealing material: Standard rubber sealing ring adopts silicon rubber, select fluorine rubber, fluoroubber, ethylene propylene dienerubber, polytef, butyronitrile according to medium

Applicated for delivery material of dairy, beer, beverage, juice, liquid food etc


Capacity: 500~ 20000L/h

Pump head Material: SS304 or SS316L

Motor: ABB or Chinese (option)

Power: 380~415V/3/50~ 60Hz

Security: Explosion-poof, water-poof (option)

Pump connection: Clamp, Welded, Union.

Pump impeller: Close type, open type.