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Company Profile

Onemo was founded in  May 2010 which is professional manufacturer of fluid equipment and components,located in Wenzou ,China. In May 2013, Onemo carried out an industrial upgrade and changed its name to Onemo stainless steel Co., Ltd., becoming a more professional quality supplier of sanitary stainless steel tubes, valves and fittings.

Now Onemo has two workshop ,which provide sanitary pipe , valves,fittings, and tank accessories (manholes and accessories). Provide engineering design piping and valve accessories for beer, food, beverage, dairy, wine, medicine, water treatment, etc. Onemo will continue update product line and bring the latest solutions. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing Onemo, let's win-win together.

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  • After-sale Department

    Attitude, Skill, Acknowledge, Efficiency

  • Productive process

    The requirements of all-process, specialization and normalization.

  • Product inspection

    full batch inspection and re-inspection of all products.

  • After-sales service

    Regular visits and timely feedback and problem solving.


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